Okemos Real Estate Information

As a census-designated place (CDP), Okemos doesn’t have a separate legal existence as a municipality. As of the 2000 census, there were 22,805 residents here. Originally a farming community, it was founded by Freeman Bay in 1839. The building of Okemos was made possible through the Native American chief, Chief John Okemos. After he passed, away the city was renamed from the settlement of Hamilton to Okemos in his honor. The school’s sports teams have a chief as a mascot, and some question whether it’s politically correct. The connection between Chief John Okemos and the mascot isn’t well-received by some. Therefore, many of the school-funded items in the area no longer have the chieftain head. There are still some sports teams that use it though.

The Okemos area has transformed into basically a Lansing suburb. The most well-known business is probably the Meridian Mall, which is found on M-43 Grand River Avenue. The downtown area in Okemos is found where Hamilton and Okemos Roads meet.

The Okemos area is a wonderful place to live. The Red Cedar River runs through Okemos and Lake Lansing is nearby. There are beautiful trials found at the lake for both hiking and biking, as well as a beach area for swimmers, boaters, and fisherman.

Those living in Okemos have a median household income of $75,736, while families have an average income of $101,903 (figures from 2007 estimates). The most common industries for men are educational services; professional, scientific, and technical services, and public administration. For women, the most common industries are educational services; healthcare; and public administration.

There are many convenient, different bank branches in the area of Okemos. Some of them include National City Bank, JP Morgan Chase Bank, Independence Bank, and Comerica Bank.