Lansing Real Estate Information

Lansing is the sixth largest state in Michigan, located around 80 miles west-northwest of Detroit, and is the capital of Michigan. The Lansing metropolitan area is a vital part of Michigan’s educational, business, and high tech manufacturing institutions. There are three medical schools found in Lansing (including one veterinarian one), two law schools, two nursing schools, and a Bit Ten conference university. Government also plays a large role here with the state Supreme Court and Court of Appeals located here.

Lansing is the central hub of the area referred to as Central Michigan or Mid-Michigan. The elevation ranges from 805 feet to 890 feet, and the largest river in Michigan flows through the downtown area. Northeast of Lansing there are two beautiful lakes; Lake Lansing and Park Lake. Lake Lansing is a popular destination for Lansing residents during the summer. Swimming, boating, and fishing are all enjoyed here. During the summer there are races are held at Lake Lansing by the Michigan State University Sailing Club and the Lansing Sailing Club.

Lansing basically has four sections. These include the Westside, Eastside, Northwestside, and Southside. The largest of the four is the Southside where a good majority of residents reside. Here you’ll find some of the most stable and well-liked neighborhoods, which is very suburban. Residents here feel as if it’s been somewhat “forgotten about” with the recent focus on updating the historical areas of the city. The Northwestside is the smallest of the four. Located north of the Grand River, there are suburban as well as rural areas here. There’s also an international airport in the Northwestside, the Capital Region International Airport.

The Westside is where you’ll find the downtown are of Lansing. It’s thought of as the most social-economical of the four sections. The only other commercial area other than downtown is found on Saginaw Street. Other than that, it’s largely residential. The Eastside of Lansing is the most ethnically diverse. On the eastern side sits the Frandor Shopping Center, with other commercial areas found along Michigan Avenue and Kalamazoo Street.