East Lansing Real Estate Information

East of Lansing, Michigan is a city called East Lansing. It’s mostly in Ingham County, but it stretches a little bit into Clinton County as well. If you know of East Lansing, chances are you or someone you know went to Michigan State University since that’s what this city is most-known for.

The downtown area of Lansing is built around Grand River Avenue, where Plank Road once was. Plank Road was the connection between Lansing and Detroit during the 19th century. Now, it’s lined with trees and separates the city from Michigan State University. Along the avenue you’ll find an array of businesses that cater to the university such as coffee shops, bookstores, tanning salons and bars. The student-filled neighborhoods are mostly found just north of downtown, while the remainder of the residential portions of East Lansing is further north. However, at the very northern end there are some new student housing developments that offer more amenities than the most of the other student residential area.

Just who are your neighbors when you live in East Lansing? Married couples make up just over 27 percent of the population and 16.1 percent have children under 18-years-old. Over 64 percent of the East Lansing population is non-families. Over half the population are from ages 18-24, while the smallest age group is 65 years and older. The average age in East Lansing is 22-years-old. (All these numbers come from the 2000 census)

The estimated household income in 2007 was $29,885. The estimated household income for families was $61,985. Males appeared to earning more; they earned a median income of $43,767 while females earned an average of $30,556.

This is a very family-friendly area. East Lansing has an award-winning school district. There are more than 20 community parks to enjoy and working couples will be happy to find that there are excellent childcare services to choose from. Families can get help from the East Lansing Department of Planning & Community Development to buy their perfect home.