Michigan Real Estate Information

Michigan gets its name from Lake Michigan and is located in the Midwest United States. It’s number eight in the nation in terms of the most populous states. Michigan is unique in that it has the longest freshwater shoreline found anywhere in the world. Four of the five Great Lakes and Lake Saint Clair border Michigan. That’s probably why there are so many recreational boats registered here; the highest in the country, only second to Florida and California. Michigan also has more lighthouses than any other state.

The state of Michigan is made up of over 58,000 square miles of land, over 38,000 square miles of Great Lake waters, and over 1,000 square miles of inland waters. With so much water, Alaska is the only state that beats Michigan in terms of territorial waters. Michigan is the largest state east of the Mississippi River. Although there’s vast amounts of water naturally found here, the western side is particularly a forested area. Fifty percent of Michigan consists of forests.

It’s also the only state which is made up of two completely different peninsulas, the upper and the lower. The Lower Peninsula residents are often called citiiots, trolls, or flatlanders. Upper Peninsula residents are referred to as Yoopers.

The economy in Michigan has greatly depended on the auto industry, tourism, and hunting. In fact, this is where Henry Ford realized the dream of the automobile with his first plant, the Highland Park plant. Today it’s one of the many things that draw tourists here. Other reasons people from all over find their way to Michigan are the Detroit Institute of Arts, Detroit Historical Museum, the MGM Grand Detroit, the Detroit Zoo, Motor City, and sports.

Hunting is also a major attraction with the many forested areas, as well as numerous historical spots that are well-known.